Natural Parenting (Crunchy Mamas and/or Crunchy Papas)

Natural Parenting (also called Attachment Parenting/”Crunchy Mama” Parenting) is all about developing the bond between parent and child and attending to the child’s needs (including putting those needs above your own). It typically refers to following one’s deep instincts when interacting with the child.


Natural Parenting is for biological (non-adoptive), adoptive, married, gay/straight/lesbian/bisexual/intersex/transgender, single, and interracial families. Any kind of family you can imagine can live out natural parenting in their life. Some things will just have to be modified depending on your situation.

Sections will  be classified by “Preference” or “Danger” (Danger 1= Less Dangerous, Danger 2= More Dangerous, Danger 3=Most Dangerous). While some things in natural parenting are really just a matter of preference, others can truly be life or death for the child.

scared baby face

There are many parts of Natural Parenting. These topics that will be discussed over the next several posts:

Vaginal Birth (Home vs. Hospital) vs. C-Section (Danger 2)

No Epidural vs. Epidural (Danger 3)

Intact vs. Circumcised (Danger 3)

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding (Danger 2)

Cosleeping vs. Crib (Danger 2?)

Babywearing vs. Stroller (Preference)

Homemade baby food vs. Store bought (Danger 1)

Discipline vs. Punishment (Danger 2)

Unschooling/Homeschooling Hybrid vs. Unschooling vs. Homeschooling vs. Montessori vs. Waldorf vs. Hackschooling (can be used in any of these methods) vs. Private School (Secular vs. Catholic) vs. Public School (Danger 2, depending)


Also, not Crunchy Mama things but important considerations:

Wooden, Waldorf, and Montessori Toys vs. Plastic Toys (Danger 1)

Video Games vs. Restricted Screen Time (Danger 1)

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