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Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile

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This is what animal rescue is all about! ❤ Love. Kindness Blog View original post

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Natural Parenting (Crunchy Mamas and/or Crunchy Papas)

Natural Parenting (also called Attachment Parenting/”Crunchy Mama” Parenting) is all about developing the bond between parent and child and attending to the child’s needs (including putting those needs above your own). It typically refers to following one’s deep instincts when … Continue reading

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OVER 1000!

WE DID IT PEOPLE! ❤ I’ve only been at this blogging thing for about a month and I’ve already got over 1000 views!!! How cool is that? 😀 Ya’ll have come from all different walks of life and all over … Continue reading

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Accessible Games for Everyone (Blindness) Have you ever wondered how a blind person could play board games? Well, there’s braille, but what about games that don’t involve words? Turns out, there are lots of games that have been adapted to … Continue reading

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Disclosure is a Spectrum

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Stealth Back in the day (not too long ago, and still today) transgender people were advised to move far far away where nobody knew who they were and there’d be no trace of their previous…

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Building a Kid’s Costume Trunk

A wonderful list for stocking your own child’s or a friend’s child’s play trunk! Great gender-neutral ideas for any adventurer! 😀

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A 9-Year-Old Boy, And His Stuffed Wolf

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Joshua Wade needed an endoscopy last Friday. His favorite stuffed animal, “wolf,” meanwhile, needed stitches for a hole in his right leg. The 9-year-old asked his doctor at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, Christine Waasorp Hurtado,…

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The Importance of Playing Role Playing Games with Your Kids

After listening to several hours of a really intense game of “Capture the Flag” (with my friends) which involved creating “fractals”, “ice prisms”, and drinking tea, I began to think about how much fun role-playing with kids would be. They … Continue reading

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The Lizard Guy Project

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Have you ever seen those paper bag puppet projects that you cut out?  Apparently, they like to do those in preschool, because several months ago, my daughter’s drawings started to look like this: Yup, she…

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A Opinionated Man’s Adoption Story In trying to learn about all sides of adoption, one eventually comes across the stories of Adult Adoptees. Sometimes these are happy, but many times they are extremely painful. This is one of those stories. … Continue reading

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