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A Opinionated Man’s Adoption Story

In trying to learn about all sides of adoption, one eventually comes across the stories of Adult Adoptees. Sometimes these are happy, but many times they are extremely painful. This is one of those stories.

Please take a little while to read these entries, especially if you are interested in adopting. Adoptees’ voices need to be heard.

(Used with permission)

“I found the information about my birth mother and my blood sister in Busan, South Korea, in a pathetic orphanage that I don’t even remember the name of. I have never liked hospitals or orphanages and I now knew why. No one, unless you are also adopted, can understand the pain that is brought when you are faced with the reality that you were not wanted. Add to this the pain that your mother decided one sibling was less trouble than you would be, and what you have is a maelstrom of emotions, regret, and anger. My storm could have killed me, it almost did.”

Also, check out his other posts, especially “Project O”.


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  1. Thank you for the nice mention and for the reblog. 🙂

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