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Accessible Games for Everyone (Blindness) Have you ever wondered how a blind person could play board games? Well, there’s braille, but what about games that don’t involve words? Turns out, there are lots of games that have been adapted to … Continue reading

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A Opinionated Man’s Adoption Story In trying to learn about all sides of adoption, one eventually comes across the stories of Adult Adoptees. Sometimes these are happy, but many times they are extremely painful. This is one of those stories. … Continue reading

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Papa Green Bean Blog Found another awesome blog about inspired parenting! Check this out! ;D Some favorites: Total respect in dialog with children. Treat your littlest ones with dignity. Use intelligent questions. Use open-ended questions. Give honest answers. Express … Continue reading

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An Ode & a Plea to an Introverted Toddler

An Ode & a Plea to an Introverted Toddler. (Awesome kid R from Okayest Mom) Introversion is an interesting thing. It is nice to have a kid that isn’t bouncing off the walls all the time. (I guess if I … Continue reading

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Genuinely Jarman (Blog) I would like to share this blog because it shows the many ways to find a family and the pain and loss that is always evident in adoption.  These parents talk openly about their loss and grief … Continue reading

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So I am apparently not the only one who was confused by the choice of actors for The Last Airbeinder. This kind of discrimination is really common in the film industry and needs to stop. This organization is trying to stop … Continue reading

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I Love My Hair! <3

Great song on Sesame Street about a young black girl who REALLY loves her hair! ❤ This so fun and beautiful and I’m glad they are helping kids deal with self-image issues. I know I hated my hair when I … Continue reading

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