OVER 1000!

OVER 1000!

WE DID IT PEOPLE! ❤ I’ve only been at this blogging thing for about a month and I’ve already got over 1000 views!!! How cool is that? 😀 Ya’ll have come from all different walks of life and all over the world! It’s really just so exciting. ^_^

I’ve even got people from the United Arab Emirates, India, Costa Rica (cool), Spain, New Zealand (yay!), and the Philippines on here!

Also a shout out to Canada! You rock! Hope I get to see you someday. Also, I’ve been getting a lot of people from the United Kingdom lately. And of course the good old US of A. 😛

So now I’m looking for feedback. How have you liked the blog? Are there things you would rather I posted about (I’m getting to my big natural parenting post so don’t worry)?

Also, does anyone know how to fix my CLOCK? (at the top of the screen) It says it’s 4 in the morning, but it’s not even midnight yet. Time zones I suppose.

Anyways CONGRATULATIONS! YOU made this possible! ❤

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