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Accessible Games for Everyone (Blindness) Have you ever wondered how a blind person could play board games? Well, there’s braille, but what about games that don’t involve words? Turns out, there are lots of games that have been adapted to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Playing Role Playing Games with Your Kids

After listening to several hours of a really intense game of “Capture the Flag” (with my friends) which involved creating “fractals”, “ice prisms”, and drinking tea, I began to think about how much fun role-playing with kids would be. They … Continue reading

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Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commerical

These kids really give me hope for the future. It’s so sad that many people still haven’t come to their senses about these basic human rights.

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The Park

“Do you want to go to the park?” asked Mom, rousing me from my slumber. “Sure,” I responded groggily, sitting up on a cot in the room that was once mine. We got The Beast ready for transport, struggling to … Continue reading

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Jake Says the Darndest Things

Jake is a 4 and a half boy who LOVES dinosaurs! Check out what he has to say to Bill Cosby on “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. This is sooooo cute! ❤

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