This is where I will post ideas about love and natural parenting.

As The Monk says “In order to love something, you need to be thoughtful about it.”


So, Love. A lot of you seem to be coming here, so I suppose I should update this, eh?

Well, I have a lot of ideas about love, and a lot of my ideas have been changing since I met The Monk. He challenges me and many of my stereotypical views about love.  For one thing, he doesn’t like (most) presents, and cares more about actions. (I’ve had a really hard time with this, because he also doesn’t particularly like holidays.)  Maybe I’ll go into a post about Love Languages someday. We’ll see.

Anyways, I’ll be updating this page from time to time, but here’s a quick list for now.

My current posts about Love:

Well, really they are all about love. It’s kind of hard to categorize them. I mean, love is an integral part of how we think and act, or it should be, anyway.

General: (though most of the outline has been changed in the process) (isn’t she cute?) (reblog)

Poetry: (reblogged, but definitely about love)

Natural Parenting: (love this one) (reblog) (reblog) (reblog)

Life Lessons: (about my brother) (me and The Monk <3)

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