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Lessons on Refrigerators

The Monk and I lay on the living room floor, staring at each other. “Is this what Life is?” I ask. “People laying on the living room floor, talking to each other?” “Yes,” he replied. “In all of time, this … Continue reading

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Awesome Natural Toys

When you walk down the aisles at Wal-Mart or any major toy store these days, you are generally surrounded by one thing: PLASTIC. Color-coated by gender, extremely stereotyped, low quality, sometimes dangerous (dyes, chemicals used in fire proofing, etc.) “toys”. … Continue reading

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Sometimes we screw up

(Reblogged from BittersweetxRomance) Sometimes we screw up. This poem brings the reader into those thoughts that grip us in the middle of the night. Questions about what we have done and what we could do differently. Definitely worth a read. … Continue reading

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