Autumn Tradition

Simple and beautiful.

The Community Storyboard

Old enough to crawl
Not at the age to stand
Confused by crunching ground
Demands to be carried
Until placed within the leaves
Against his infant will

Investigating a leaf
Curious and calm
Wondering what is expected
All adults are staring
Waiting for an act
Either a cry or laugh

Minutes fade away
His patience more than most
Until daddy acts
Dumping leaves upon his head
And tickling his ears
Causing him to laugh

Infant retaliation
Throwing leaves into his face
The dam is burst
He swats and bats around
Cackling like an imp
While the mountain is made

Before he can be lifted
The infant crawls toward joy
Burrowing into the mountain
Popping out the top
And rolling down the side
Such is the autumnal bliss of youth

For Pamela’s Weekly Prompt.

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