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Do you think that people who place their babies for adoption are “abandoning” them? Are they doing it because they are cruel? Or is it something else?

Mandarin Musings

Something I wrote after class on Tuesday…


One of the first new words I learned this week was paoqi (抛弃) and it means “to abandon.”  My Chinese class uses four different textbooks, but the first one we used this week discusses Chinese society and culture.  The lesson we covered today was called “Adopting Baby Girls,” and it discusses the cultural, social, and political reasons why many baby girls in China are abandoned.  In class our teachers often have us repeat sentences after them in order to practice our speaking and pronunciation.  One of the sentences that my teacher had us repeat today translates into English as, “Cruel, heartless parents abandon their baby girls.”  We had to repeat this sentence over and over again.  Refusing to participate in the exercise would have been disrespectful so I joined in the chorus of my peers’ voices, but saying that sentence over and…

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