Autumn Soul

A beautiful story about a lost soul who finds a home.



I found an Autumn cat today, to carry me into Fall.

Her coat is a meld of russet and flame orange, little patches of white in the hidden spaces of pawpads and soft belly. Stripes and blots and swirls of a map I cannot read, but I try anyways. She is, after all, beauty. And beauty has always been something no one can quite understand, but perhaps the attempt is all the more important because of its impossibility.

She reminds me of just one of the many things I have never understood. Orange runs down one side of her neck, like a cascade of fire, sparks swirl up over her other ear. Her fur is like a wildfire spreading, suspended in time, her purr the far-off roar of flames. I do not understand how someone could let this go, this unique and terrible loveliness. I cannot comprehend how this sweet…

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