The Magic of 222

Has someone ever told you something that stuck with you and made you smile, and even though you knew it didn’t really work you did it anyway? That’s kind of what 222 became to me.


As I was walking back to my car after class, I glanced at my phone and noticed that it read 2:22 pm. I smile and looked up at the sky, thinking back on The Seraphim’s words.

“Whenever you see 222, all is right with the world…”

Now, my world is far from right right now, and his is so far from right that it just might be left, but this little reminder always makes me smile.

222 clock

It only works if you’re not looking for it though. If you look for it, the surprise is lost and with it, the moment.

It often happens in the oddest places, particularly when I’m driving and thinking about a tough time.

I happen to pass a mile marker 222 on my way home to my parent’s house and it almost always catches me by surprise. I stop whatever I’m thinking about and ponder all the good things in my life.

It’s amazing what power a little pattern like that can have if you let it.


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