I’m sick :(



Sigh. I guess I should have expected it after staying up till 4 or 5 am the last few days and with all of my friends being sick. Still, it kind of stinks.

It’s just… I can’t get in touch with The Philosopher and we’re out of toilet paper and I can’t afford cold medicine. 😦 It’s the middle of the night practically and I’m just tired. I’m just so tired. Maybe I’ll go to sleep.

Anyways, that’s why I’ve been reblogging stuff lately.  Do you like it? I hope to go into more in-depth discussions on these topics at some point.

I haven’t really eaten much all day since I woke up so late, so I just made a big pot of Bertolli frozen dinner for 2 and ate both servings. It was delicious. XD

At least I don’t have school tomorrow… (or a toddler to run after)

How do you deal with a cold when you can’t get medicine?

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