Benign Neglect: A Case Against Preschool


Benign Neglect: A Case Against Preschool.

Many times parents try to push kids too hard, too fast, which dampens their creativity.

This especially happens in the higher grades but what is really sad is that this is even happening in Preschool!

Like this stay-at-home mom, I believe that the secret to raising happy, healthy kids it to give them simple tools and the space to figure life out.

This doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they want.

It is careful guidance from afar, without all the scheduling and rushing seen in modern society.

Take some time to check out this post and her entire blog. She talks about a lot of things that matter to me, and hopefully to you as well.

Benign Neglect: A Case Against Preschool.

P.S.- I’m hoping to homeschool my kids someday and if I can’t, then I would only put them in a Montessori school (but you still have to check those out because the name is not trademarked and not all Montessori schools are the same).

No offense to people who have their kids in regular schools, but please, do the research.

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