The Cat Trip

So this weekend has been kind of crazy. 😀

We traveled about 13 hours for a 30 minute vet appointment which wraps up the saga of vetting for my friend from House C’s cat, C.

She looks kind of like this:


(About 3 weeks ago we made the first trip to get her vetted which involved a 7 hour trip to the same place.)


Anyway, we had to travel from House A to House C to The House of The Sage (where C lives temporarily). After talking to The Sage’s mother for a while, we took a “shortcut” which took us over a bridge and ended up arriving 2 hours early!

We waited instead of eating lunch and The Philosopher and The Monk practiced energy manipulation with their hands. 😀 It was fun.


There was a lady who was afraid of big dogs, an elderly woman with 2 Chihuahuas in a cage, and a man with a cat who made the stereotypical “meow”.  C was calm and relaxed the entire time – not making a peep.

When it was finally our turn C was ushered into a tiny room that smelled like cleaning detergents.  Six people crowded around her tiny cage as she began to hiss and spit at them.  They grabbed a towel and tried opening the cage three different ways before finally taking the top off.


They wrapped the towel around her, but she kept lunging at them like a madman. I was so worried because I had never seen her this way.

Then they did something I never would have expected. One of the vet techs started shaking her head! I was kind of freaking out inside and said “Is that safe?” They said it was a common distraction procedure but in my head alarm bells were going off. A “Don’t Shake the Baby” sign was flashing in my head.


They got through the shots and quickly put her “house” back together. After that they realized that the towel was still in the cage.

“Was that in there before?” Asked one of the vet techs.

“I don’t know, but it’s in there now and I’m not going in there again!” Replied the other.

And that’s how C came to win her towel.



After the vet, we went to My Parents’ House and ate dinner with The Philosopher’s parents and brother.

We ate Chinese food and The Philosopher’s brother discussed making an EMP while the rest of us rolled our eyes. Seriously, making an EMP would not help you rule anything because there would be nothing left to rule. 😛


After that we all went back to My Parents’ House and got C.

Then we traveled to House C and let my friend see his cat again. He had been missing her, but apparently she was still mad about the vet and didn’t want to cuddle.

Lastly we traveled back to The Sage’s house to drop off C (where he recounted the adventures of Harry Dresden (see Harry Dresden Files)) and then back to House A to sleep.


All in all I would say it was a pretty successful trip despite some freaking out and the lack of food. But hey, that’s college life! 😀

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