Les Mis! ^_^ (with Ivan Rutherford!) P.S. ****SPOILER ALERT!!!***

So I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this until the last minute, but apparently Ivan Rutherford (yes the man who played Jean Valjean about 2000 times on Broadway!) decided to come to our school AGAIN! ^_^ This time, instead of just doing a few songs from Les Mis with the Symphony, he decided to do all of Les Mis with the other actors (from school)!


So that morning I drove back to my parent’s house to go waverunning with my family.  Then I caught a ride with The Philosopher and his mom back to school to see Les Mis.

Waverunning was fun and we explored a few new inlets full of lots of wildlife including alligators, turtles, and garfish. This is the swamp. 😀


We arrived on time and I got The Monk’s ticket. He got seat #108, which he loved because there are 108 Buddhist principles (he’s not Buddhist, but likes a lot of their practices). 😀


The beginning was a little off because the sound system wasn’t working correctly and I knew most of the spoilers.

Speaking of which… *SPOILER ALERT*

The first half was a little confusing for me, but I really liked what they did with a few scenes. I particularly liked how everyone’s opinion of God differed although this was sometimes painfully wrong.

I felt like the “Master of the House” scene was a little off, but there were some funny parts thrown in like the Innkeeper peeing in the bottle and the man spitting it out when he sees the bill. lol.


I LOVED Gavroche, even before I saw him perform. I told The Philosopher and he said, “Oh, yes, he’s cute. Go ahead and get attached to that character.” Ugh! No! T_T


That being said, I couldn’t really understand what he was singing but that might have been because of the sound system.

The singing of most of the characters was very good, and many of them were very convincing actors. I was very moved by several scenes, including the famous “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” scene and the Wedding scene. 😀

There was so much darkness which burst into light.

In the last scene of the play, everyone comes together to see Jean Valjean off.  I feel like there is so much reconciliation in that moment and everyone is finally at peace.

I really loved Marius and wish I had an accurate picture here. His actor was so sincere on and off the stage. He even signed my book with “Dear _____, always follow your dreams!” ❤ He asked each and every person who asked for his autograph their name.


The Monk and I ran around collecting autographs after, and I was happy to get Gavroche’s autograph as well as many others.

It was funny because Ivan Rutherford’s autograph was actually the least important one to most of the people there. In a small town everybody knows each other, so we all knew at least someone who was in the play.

All in all it was a pretty amazing experience. Has anyone seen the movie? I’m hoping to see it soon. Have you seen versions of Les Mis before at your school? What did you like and what didn’t you like?

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