The Compound

So I have a lot of friends, most of which I have become really close to within the last year. Seriously, REALLY close. That’s mostly because most of them live within 3 houses (2 of which are on the same street) and the others are at most an hour or 2 away.

We all go to the same school, or did at one point, or are planning on going back sooner or later. We are all at different stages of our lives and yet somehow we’re the same, united in a vision to help others and help each other live more fulfilling lives and to inspire others to do the same.


Throughout this blog when I mention the adventures of The Compound, I will use the names House A, House B, and House C to describe the 3 houses.

My house is House A, a little apartment not far from campus. I live there with my roommate, The Philosopher.

House B is where my boyfriend, The Monk, and a few of my other friends live. We all know this house/apartment the best because it is the central meeting place of our group. I stayed there for a little while with my boyfriend, so that place feels like home even more than this house (House A) because I’ve only been here for a week or two.

Lastly, there is House C which is right down the street from House B. House C has a problem with the air conditioning, but nevertheless you can find us hanging out in the kitchen with fans discussing life and the Universe or possibly roll playing (or regaling the tales of previous adventures).

We also occasionally play card games.  All of this is incredibly low tech for people who spend 90% of their time on the computer, but it is an incredibly rewarding and necessary experience.

We also cook together, since when you’re poor there’s always lots of spaghetti and curry to go around.


      There’s also my friend The Tea Wolf who lives on campus, and his sister, The Dreamer, who lives out of town. Occasionally The Sage will visit us as well, but this doesn’t happen very much anymore.

So that’s about it. I don’t know how often I’ll post stories about our adventures, but you can look forward to at least a few. 😀

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